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Improve Your Dog’s Immune System 101: Exercise

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The holidays are a holly, jolly time but we’re smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season. The same way you eat chicken noodle soup, drink orange juice, or take vitamins to boost your immune system, there are natural ways to improve the immune system of your favorite four-legged friends.

Thanks to our past article “Can Dogs Catch the Flu” you already know the symptoms of canine influenza. You also know that the best way to protect your pet is to support them with high quality nutrition, appropriate supplements, and adequate exercise along with stress management. The combination of diet and exercise improves their overall health and well-being, reducing their risk of contracting not only the canine flu but infection, diabetes, liver or heart conditions, asthma, and more.

It may sound scary but you can easily strengthen your dog’s immune system but making small changes to your pet’s daily routine, starting with exercise!

Give The Gift Of Time Spent Together

Again, think of your dog’s immune system in terms of your own. Excess weight negatively impacts your health by putting you at a greater risk for inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Doctors recommend little adjustments like drinking water, avoiding processed junk food, getting rest, and breaking up extended periods of rest by standing, stretching, and walking around your home or office.

Dogs are naturally active so exercise is essential. Interacting with your dog will help them stay emotionally and physically healthy so block out twenty to thirty minutes every day to spend with your pet.

Make Exercise Fun

Encourage your dog to be active by:

  • Going for a walk or run
  • Getting them a squeaky toy to pounce and shake
  • Throwing a frisbee for your dog to chase
  • Playing tug-of-War
  • Playing hide-and-Seek (Tell your dog to sit or stay before hiding in a nearby room or behind a piece of furniture, then call your dog to come find you.)
  • Playing fetch (Throw a soft toy they can chase down and carry back to you.)
    Scheduling a play date with another friendly, energetic dog

Or for a more structured form of exercise, consult your dog’s vet to create an exercise program that is customized to their age and breed.

Don’t Forget The Importance Of Grooming

Keeping your dog’s ears, nails, and coat clean will also keep your dog healthy. At Suds N Hugs we provide high-quality service to give your dog the best care from tub to trim! Call (716) 759-2030 today to schedule your next visit!