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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Furry Friend

The holidays are a time for merriment and joy for all member of your friend. Make sure you know how to properly keep your dog safe so they may enjoy the holiday season too.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Make sure your anchor your Christmas tree to keep it from falling over on your inquisitive pooch.

If you are buying a live tree, watch out of the pine needles and the water. Christmas trees can have fertilizer, anti freeze or other additives in them, which can make your pet sick if ingested. Pine needles can poke your friend in the face and also cause intestinal issues if swallowed.

Mistletoe, Holly, Poinsettia and other decorative plants can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if ingested. Keep them out of reach or opt for artificial plants instead.

Tree decorations like tinsel and ornaments can be a chocking hazard for your best friend. Also, keep lights offof lower branches to keep your pet from being tangled up and to keep them from becoming a chew toy.

When in doubt, try surrounding your tree with an exercise pen or blocking off the room that the tree is residing in.

Watch all those wires! If chewed, the wires could shock your dog.

dog-1115700_1920Fruit Cake and Sugar Plums

Chocolate, Yeast Dough, Turkey and other sweets can be harmful to your pet and should be avoided. If unsure, check this list of foods that should be avoided. 

Make sure your guests know not to feed your dog table scraps. Give them dog-safe options like dog treats or kibble that they can share with your pooch.

Carcasses and bones are not chew toys and should be thrown away. Trash should be cleared away to an area that your pet can’t get to.

Alcohol can cause your dog to become weak, ill or can cause other serious health problems.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Practice your dogs basic behaviors, reinforcing sit and ignoring jumping. Stubborn or undertrained pooches should be tethered, or crated when guests are arriving or leaving.

Unless your pet is friend’s with your visitors pet’s, it is a good idea to recommend leaving their pets at home. 

Give your pet a comfortable, quiet place to retreat if they want to get away from the commotion. If your pet gets stressed around visitors, then you should put them in another room with heir favorite toy.

santa-claus-1106995_1920Go Tell It On the Mountain

If you are traveling with your pet, bring a health certificate from your veterinarian. Also be sure to pack their medications, food, identification in case they get lost and their favorite toys or beds.

Make sure your pet is restrained, but comfortable, if traveling by car. Use a secure harness or carrier and keep them out of reach of airbags.

If traveling by air, always consult your veterinarian first and follow airplane regulations regarding pets. Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and ask how to best protect from canine flu or other contagious diseases.