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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pet

Thanksgiving can be stressful for everyone, but many people overlook the stress that holidays can put on their pets. With so many new people and things in the house, your dog is bound to be both curious and overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to get everyone through the holidays:

#1. Make sure guests know the house rules. Clearly communicate rules to your holiday visitors right away. Your pet’s safety is important and keeping rules consistent can help prevent accidents that will put a damper on the celebrations.

#2. Avoid storing forbidden items in plastic bags. Guests often travel with medications, cosmetics, and other items that are dangerous to your pet in plastic storage bags. Your pet can easily chew through such material. Make sure guests properly store their items off the floor and out of reach.

#3. Don’t hesitate to lock up your pet. You may not want to leave them out of family activities, but your dog needs some time in a quiet, stress free environment. Provide a safe haven with food, water, and toys so they can take a break from the holiday madness.

#4. Know what foods are safe for your pet. There are common holidays foods that are obvious hazards for your pet like chocolate, nuts, and alcohol. But turkey without excess fat and skin, or vegetables without added ingredients can be just fine. Even cranberry sauce in small amounts won’t harm your pet. Remember: you know what has been fine in the past, avoid large amounts of any new food, and communicate with guests about what is okay.

Keep the holiday celebrations safe and fun for everyone in your family! Be smart about your pet’s safety.