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Dog Approved Snowy Day Activities

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Who doesn’t love a Snow Day?

Buffalo is known for snow. The same way you don’t want to leave the warmth of your house to brave frigid temperatures, neither does your pet!

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Have Fun Indoors

Don’t let the snow prevent you from maximizing your time together. Here are some dog approved snowy day activities to keep them occupied!

  1. BAKE. has 25 different homemade dog treat recipes you can try, all that use five ingredients or less.
  2. WATCH A MOVIE. Snow Dogs. Balto. Snow Buddies. Eight Below. Whether you’re looking for an animated film or live action, there are plenty of options starring your favorite four-legged friends and snow! Snuggle up with yours and spend a lazy afternoon cuddled on the couch.
  3. HAVE A WINTRY PHOTOSHOOT. Your dog is adorable. Dress them up in their favorite outfits and snap shots of them enjoying their day off. For inspiration, check “Dogs by the fireside” on Pinterest!
  4. THROW A PARTY. Invite your neighbors and their dogs over for a snowy day get together.
  5. GROOM. Take advantage of your day off and treat your pet to a snowy spa day. Brush your dog’s fur. Trim their nails. Give them a bath. And then at the very end––a good belly rub!
  6. PLAY A GAME. Tug-of-war, fetch, hide-and-seek, and sniff-and-search are great indoor games to give your dog exericse without needing to go outside.
  7. TRAIN YOUR PUPPY. Want your puppy to stop chewing your shoes? Train them not to with these tips.

Enjoy the snow and stay safe!

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