Pet Food Tips

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We know that the products you eat and use are important. And so are the products your dogs eats. Which is why you should remember to always wash your hands when handling food. Even dog food!

Pet food can also be contaminated by bacteria like salmonella, which can be really “ruff” for Fido.

When storing pet food, make sure to pack it in airtight containers. This will help keep away moisture, germs and bugs, keeping the food fresher longer. Don’t buy too much food. Bigger isn’t better — not in this case, at least. Those bulk packagings may be cheap, but it would be a waste if Fido couldn’t finish all of it. Dog food has expiration dates and you should always check it before you cash out. Ideally, you want the bag to last your pet about a month.

Most importantly, do your homework! Know what’s in the products you’re purchasing, reading the ingredients and labels. You want to know if there’s any feeding trial info. That means the food has been tested and real dogs have eaten it before.

You’re pet is important and he or she deserves the best. That’s why Suds N Hugs only uses the best all-natural products when grooming your pet.