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Prevent Your Dog’s Spring Allergies

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Stuffy Nose? We Can Relate.

Anyone with allergies understands how tiresome, stressful, and downright annoying allergies can get. But after a long winter, it can be hard to stay cooped up indoors when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the urge to get out and do something takes control. Most humans take allergy medications to treat their symptoms, or simply avoid allergens when possible. We don’t stop and smell the daisies if the daisies make us sneeze. But what about your dog? How do you treat their allergy symptoms to improve their quality of life?

Here are three ways you can be pro-active when it comes to preventing your dog’s spring allergies:


Have you ever considered that your dog’s food is the source of their allergies? Food allergies are not as common in canines as humans, but they still occur, and a visit to your veterinarian can deliver a proper diagnosis. A new season might mean new treats, a new brand of dog food, or new proteins that may not have been part of their winter diet regimen. Speak with your vet about the best and safest way to perform a “food elimination trial” to pinpoint the source of their food allergies.


Regularly bathing your dog improves more than just their coat’s appearance. Proper, pet-formulated shampoos, like the all natural pet products we use here at Suds N Hugs, removes environment allergens such as pollen, bacteria, oils, and other substances that irritate your dog’s skin.

We recommend trying “Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner” which is available right at our store! It’s specially formulated for lasting freshness, leaves skin silky soft and shiny, and contains aloe vera to calm irritated skin.

Ear Cleaning

Environmental allergens like pollen, microorganisms like bacteria and mites, dander, wax, broken hairs, and other irritants can actually get stuck in your dog’s ear canal. Periodically flushing (also called irrigating) your dog’s ear canal helps to remove and reduce the buildup of this debris to protect your pet. You can also pluck the hair from their ear canal and inner flap to prevent build up and the accumulation of environmental allergens.

We recommend “Liquid Health K9 Ear Cleaner” which is also available in store! This product is designed to promote good ear hygiene and make your dog’s ears smell nice. It also dries the ear canal after swimming or bathing, and removes wax buildup and dirt. You can also apply it to minor skin eruptions to relieve irritation!

At Suds N Hugs we provide high-quality grooming services to give your dog the best care from tub to trim no matter its size or breed! Trust our expert groomers to shower your pet with care and attention. Call (716) 759-2030 today to schedule your next visit!